Request an Energy Label

As of January 1, 2021, home owners are required to present an energy label when selling or renting out their house. Since January 1, 2022, an energy label is also mandatory when placing a house on Funda. HEY! Energielabel, part of HEY! Makelaardij, offers energy labels in the Rotterdam region (up to 30 km) starting from € 249,-. This rate applies to all houses, from apartment to detached house. Avoid fines or delays when selling or renting out your house and request for the energy label today. Contact us on 010 - 333 0 222 or via the button below.

Request an energy label

What is the energy label

An energy label indicates how energy effecient your house is compared to other houses. An energy-efficient house is more comfortable, gives you lower CO2 emissions and you save considerably on your energy bill. As an additional advantage, a home with a nice label is also worth more and therefore yields more when it is sold or rented out. If you order the energy label, you will receive the energy label and an energy performance report containing the energy consumption and recommendations to make your home more efficient.

The energy label advisor

HEY! Energielabel is part of HEY! Makelaardij and has its own certified energy label consultant. To guarantee the quality, we are under continuous quality control by an external BRL-9500 certified organization. We carry out the energy label assignment independently and are not an intermediary. This makes it possible to work for competitive rates (starting from € 199,-) and to guarantee short delivery times.