HEY! Makelaardij

  • A real estate agency for buying and selling houses
  • We can assist you both in Dutch and English
  • Modern approach to determine sales strategy and marketing campaign
  • Sustainability is our priority
  • Personal connection with clients

Selling your house

Selling a house is exciting for everyone. HEY! Makelaardij can guide you from A to Z through this process and is happy to assist you.

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Buying a house

Buying a house is difficult these days, but definitely not impossible. With many years of experience in buying houses, we have the right knowledge to assist you.

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Free buyer’s agent services

Selling first or buying first? A difficult choice, but why not both at the same time? HEY! Makelaardij offers an attractive combination package including free buyer’s agent services.

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Welcome to HEY! Makelaardij

HEY! Makelaardij is a full-service real estate agency with modern strategies in which personal contact is key priority. In addition, we have a modern method to determine the asking price and to establish the social media campaign through extensive data analysis. Next to this, sustainability is our top priority. Our future-oriented vision sets us apart from most other real estate agencies.

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HEY! Makelaardij is a climate neutral real estate agency, but we are also committed to other forms of sustainability. We move around Rotterdam by electric scooter or bicycle, we use sustainable energy and we have a paperless office.

In addition to our own efforts for sustainability, our real estate agency also has the objective to only include houses with an energy label C or better in our portfolio from 2023 onwards. Sustainability in the housing market fits within our future-oriented vision and that is why we work according to the following discount mechanism.

Energy label Discount on brokerage fee
ZEN 15%
A++ 15%
A+ 10%
A 10%
B 5%
C 5%

HEY! Makelaardij can provide you with this energy label.

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Modern approach

Unlike many other real estate agencies, HEY! Makelaardij uses a data analysis to determine the value of a house. Other real estate agencies usually use three 'equivalent' properties to quickly determine the value of the houses. HEY! Makelaardij does this differently and uses the many data sources available to objectively determine the house value. Based on this house value and our real estate agent touch, we determine a sales strategy with a corresponding asking price together.

Then a marketing plan is drawn up based on this sales strategy. The available data is always used to efficiently reach the right target group. In addition to advertisement in Funda, we also use Facebook and Instagram.

We believe that our modern approach is the ideal method to achieve the optimal result. Except for the better end result you will not notice the use of our technical data analysis. What you will notice is that personal contact is the key priority at HEY! Makelaardij.

Current offers

Selling a house

Selling a house is exciting for everyone. If you have decided to sell your house, HEY! Makelaardij can support you from A to Z. Thanks to our many years of experience in the housing market in Rotterdam, Berkel en Rodenrijs and Bergschenhoek and our modern approach through data analysis, we can achieve an optimal sales result. You can rely on us to guide you through a hassle-free sales process of your house.

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Buying a house

“Difficult, but certainly not impossible.” This is our view on buying a house in the current market. HEY! Makelaardij has many years of experience in buying houses in Rotterdam, Berkel en Rodenrijs and Bergschenhoek and is happy to share this knowledge and experience with you. We start by determining your needs and possibilities together. Then we will guide you through the buying process, from the first house visit all the way to the notary office. You can rest assured that we will guide you from A to Z with buying your dream house.

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Package deal

Buying first or selling first? Both choices have their advantages and disadvantages, but both options come with their own uncertainties. That's why HEY! Makelaardij offers a combination package in which we will look for your next house together and at the same time make preparations to sell your current house. This reduces the uncertainty of whether you can find a new house in time and whether you can sell your house for the right price. This attractive combination package includes free buyer’s agent services.

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